About WriteMe




My name is Rosie Kerin, and I established WriteMe in 2012 in order to work independently as freelance writer, teacher and education consultant.

My 15-year career as a teacher of English, and as a curriculum and school leader, spanned middle, secondary and senior secondary schools in South Australia.

While a literacy consultant for Catholic Education South Australia, I completed my doctoral research exploring the changing practices and identities of mid-career English teachers as they mastered and integrated digital technologies within their professional contexts.

From 2006 - 2017, I taught English and Literacy courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of South Australia and Griffith University. My teaching and research interests include the ever-changing scope and field of English teaching, the integration of evolving texts and digital technologies, and what it means to be an adolescent and in the world today.

Today, Rosie designs and facilitates professional learning for teachers of literacy and numeracy in primary and secondary schools.

Key academic and professional publications


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WriteMe ABN: 97 827 204 882