School-based Projects

Literacy and English projects designed and facilitated
for your school, in your school

How do I work?

I work with you to design a project that meets the needs of your staff and students. During a project I will:

  • Consult with leadership and all stakeholders to consider potential directions and priorities
  • Review your data, insights and earlier literacy and English plans and pedagogies
  • Establish processes and goals
  • Mentor and work with leadership, teaching teams and individuals
  • Document, report on and review the project at agreed intervals and milestones.

What time-frame and commitments are required?

The time-frame depends on individual school needs, but the most successful projects are those that factor in long-term plans with regular consult points, professional learning and review.

I work on single-year projects through to three, four or five-year plans. Significant and sustainable growth requires a whole-of-school, long-term agreement, with substantial professional learning.

What can I offer?

  • Thorough research-based knowledge and expertise in the field
  • Engaging, relevant and practice-based professional learning
  • Innovative, context-based initiatives to address school needs
  • Co-teaching, co-planning and demonstration lessons
  • A track record of working successfully across school systems and middle, secondary and tertiary education with individual teachers and teams
  • Clear communication, together with thorough record-keeping and reports to remain on-track and ease the burden on leadership and school staff.

 Email Rosie or phone 0419 76 74 79